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You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

The virtual drumset!

The new way of playing drums

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The concept is simple: pick up the 2 sticks, visualize your 3D moves on the screen, and play music by moving your sticks! If you hit the virtual positions of the drums, cymbals or bass drum with the sticks then it will play the appropriate sound. The intensity of the sound depends on the speed of your moves: the faster you move, the louder the sound will be. It is possible for any player to reproduce, after a short training period, your favourite musics!

A unique experience

Virtual Drums can also be an educational platform used to learn how to play drums, from playing simple beats to complete musics. A beginner can use it to learn simple patterns. All the elements of a real drum kit are available: snare, toms, hi hat, crash cymbal, ride cymbal and even the bass drum triggered with a pedal!

A score is given after each try and helps the player see his improvements. Different difficulty levels are available, so that everyone can enjoy the game and improve their current skills.

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