Virtual Drums .com
You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

Contact the team behind Virtual Drums

Contact the team by clicking on the links: Matthieu Aubry, Julien Rouvière, Xavier Maurice.


The project couldn't have seen the light without the help of many people and friends:

- Pascal Halter; he helped us building the library of drum sounds.
- Colin Carle; he developed the maths library (matrix operations, 3d, etc.)
- Julien Moumné; he used his musician skills to help us develop beats for the video game mode
- Romain Lamarche and Wassim Al-mufti for their help on some complex mathematics points
- Arthur Vuillard; he helped us reviewing the Linux port (even if we ended up not doing it)
- The ClubElek of INSA Lyon for its technical support,
- Our school INSA de Lyon and the Computer science department for their financial support
- The Laval Virtual Virtual Reality festival for its invite to this amazing festival!

The team