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You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

Press documents

Most of our press materials are in french unfortunately... Check out this website, the videos and photos for international materials :-)

If you are looking for a list of websites that spoke about us, check out Virtual drums in the press

We have a powerpoint in english describing the technical process of Virtual Drums. Download the presentation PDF

Here are some documents we did for the European Virtual Reality Show in Laval.

Virtual Drums presentation leaflet Technical poster, part 1 Technical poster, part 2

The project's name used to be "DrummersRevolution". It is now called "Virtual Drums".

You can also have a look at the page 'They talked about Virtual Drums'


We participated in several exhibitions to spread the word about Virtual Drums.

Festival Shaastra, October 2006, IIT Chennai, INDIA

The Shaastra festival is a technical festival taking place in the Indian Institute of Technology in Madras (Chennai), India. Matthieu who was in exchange in this university, introduced the virtual drums to 100 people. Indian students andprofessionals were impressed and we had a very good time!

24h de l'INSA, May 2006, Lyon, France

The “24h de l'INSA” is the biggest student gathering in France; over 3 days, hosting many concerts / theatres / games / animations / sports / etc. More than 50,000 people are coming every year!

We presented the Virtual Drums to hundreds of people (including dozens of them who tried to play) and it was a nice success :-)

Laval Virtual, April 2006, Laval, France

"Virtual reality is a computer simulation of environments in 3 dimensions. Thanks to its interactive and absorbing nature, it can relate to every area of human activity. Whatever your problems, virtual reality concerns you! “

“With an estimated 1,2 million euros worth of publicity, Laval Virtual gives a fourth dimension to your image by offering you a major showcase.”

The exhibition lasted 5 days and the Virtual Drums was a big part of it! Hundreds of people stopped by the virtual drums our stand,professionals, competitors, children and grand fathers! Thanks all for this wonderful time!

Misc Documents

Here is a list of misc archive documents

Process description (it changed a lot since then)

Poster used during the exhibition 'Mondial des métiers'