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Frequently asked questions about the Virtual Drums
Virtual Drums .com
You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

Your questions

Here are the list of questions frequently asked about the virtual drumset


- Where does this idea come from?
- Can I buy virtual drums?
- Is the whole thing to sell?
- Why is Virtual Drums better than a real-life drumset?
- Do you see the Virtual Drums replacing a real drumset sometime in the near future (as a practice and/or professional concert instrument)?
- What are the areas that can be improved/need to be worked upon?
- Who is the team behind the virtual drums?

About the system

- How expensive is the virtual drum set?
- How easy is it to setup?


- What were the main technical challenges that you faced/are still facing with Virtual Drums?
- What type of camera have you used?
- What image acquisition software do you use for the camera?
- Which technology have you used for the programming?
- Which parts have you developed yourself?

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