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You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

Why is Virtual Drums better than a real-life drumset?

When you play the Virtual Drums, you feel you are doing something really fun. You're moving in the air and you produce sounds!

Beyond the fun part, there are many advantages:

- The price, can be 8 times less than a real drumset

- The size: a drumset is a big instrument, you need a large space for the installation. The virtual drums can be tucked into a 50cm * 10cm box

- The features: the Virtual Drums can be customised. You can add several drums (cymbal, snares, tom, etc.), you can move the different elements in the space with the mouse. You can create the drumset that you need.

- The drumset can be silent. Yes, you can play it with headphones!

- The drummer is visible when playing the drums. Before, the drummer was hidden behind a complex drums combination. Now you face your public, there's nothing between you and your fans! (except the celebrity)

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