Virtual Drums .com
You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

Do you see the Virtual Drums replacing a real drumset sometime in the near future (as a practice and/or professional concert instrument)?

It's really feasible to replace a real drumset in a concert. Creating a new sort of musical entertainment is even more conceivable! A Virtual Drum set with a very good tracking system (high speed camera and optimized algorithms), can reproduce all the musician moves very accurately. You think 'But drumers need to feel the drums!' ; yes they do. But once they try the virtual drums, most of them say that they really enjoy it, and that they would like to try to play with it... because it's fun, simply.

But the most important thing is the virtuality. Because this is not real, you can imagine adding new concepts to the drumming experience: how about changing your rocks drums to a japanese drums in one click? How about customizing your drumset with the computer mouse? You need a huge gong for the next song? Ok click on the icon, add the gong; you can also add the African drum or a second bass drum if you need it ;-)

Another important point: the Virtual Drums are transparent! You can finally see your favorite drummers. In a concert these features could change the way musicians explore, create and represent music.

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