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You can play drums... without a real drumkit!

What are the areas that can be improved/need to be worked upon?

Adding special effects would be funny. For example you set the 'star wars' mode or 'african drums' which would change the sounds of your drumkit. We could add classical effects as well: echo, reverb, etc.

Imagine also different 'prerecorded' drumset, for example all famous drummers drumsets. You can load each drumset by clicking on the list. You can create and save customized drumsets, add new elements by choosing between several drum, snare, tom, cymbal, a gong bass drum, etc.

We also developed a training mode, in which you listen to preloaded beats, and you have to play them, like in the video game Dance Dance Revolution for example. This mode was a test and we had an interesting feedback from people trying it, so we would like to develop it, and why not create a real video game? Such a video game could be at the same time a very fun experience, and a way to learn how to play drums, how to coordinate hands (right/left) and the foot (for the bass drum), how to reproduce beats, etc.

Imagination is the only limit to evolution!

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